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 We offer Various Options to reduce symptoms of PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sickness, disease, and disorders; restore hope and healing; and rebuild mental and physical resilience to live the abundant, thriving life as you work, rest, and play!

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Psst...your purchases help us provide opportunities to help human trafficked survivors and foster/adoptive families become thrivers, too!

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Availability Begins in August 2024

Various Workshops and Build Your Own On-line OR In-Person Retreats (Christ-centered or Secular Available)

  • Restorative Experiences
  • Silent Retreats
  • Fasting & Praying Opportunities
  • Nature Bathing & Grounding
  • Hiking Explorations
  • Creative Art Therapy
  • Family and/or Friend Reunions
  • Wedding Parties
  • Team Building

Canvas Tent Camping/Glamping Opportunities by the River near West Jefferson, NC are coming Summer & FALL 2024.

With hopes for RVers and nationwide and international Hope & Healing Adventures + Retreats in 2025! 

Contact us to Explore How we can put Feet to your Dream of Building Your Own Outdoor Adventure or Retreat!


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We offer a variety of products that have a strong track record for our founder, customers, and clients in journeying WELL-powered toward Hope and Healing!

And... MERCH of course! 

90% of profits from sales will go to Project Wild Haven Sanctuary to help Rescue, Restore, & Rebuild trafficked survivors & foster/adoptive families and those who serve them.

We're always improving so be sure to check back for updates.

Step 1:

Take Your Free Toxicity/Inflamation Assessment

This health assessment is the starting point in how we can guide you effectively and efficiently along the pathway that is best for you.

Next Steps:

After you take your assessment, you may opt for our Health & Wellness Coach to assess where you are and the next steps in your health and wellness journey!

Take Your Free Toxicity/Inflammation Assessment

Step 2:

Purchase the 30 Day Detox


This scientifically designed 3-phase detox program will not only help detoxify your body's natural filtration system (kidneys and liver), but also restore the microbiome in your gut, leaving you feeling restored, renewed, and reset.

What's included:

  • 30-Day Supply of Daily AM & PM Detox Packets
  • 5 Servings of Cleanse+ (taken along with the first 5 days of the 30 day Detox) to get the most from your 30 day Detox
  • Lifetime access to the IDLife modules which will help you navigate the first three months of your new health and wellness journey


1. Send off your DNA kit (see Step 3) while you're completing your 30 day detox so that you'll have your report back by the end of the 30 day detox.

2. See the DNA Way Wellness Bundle for your biggest savings! 

Next Steps:

Once your 30 day detox is complete, we'll explore your DNA to find out what nutrition and movement works best for you. 

Purchase 30 Day Detox Box

Step 3:

Purchase the DNA Kit


Discover the personalized nutrition and fitness program that will truly work for you. No more wasting time, energy, and money on doing "trial runs" with any eating plan or workout strategy. With your DNA results, you'll know exactly which foods and movements your body needs to get the results you want.

What's included:

  • IDLife Genetic Testing Kit
  • Return Envelope with Pre-paid Postage
  • Genetic Testing Performed by Molecular Testing Labs (Over a $249.99 Value)
  • Your Personal Nutrition & Fitness Genetics Report
  • $100 IDNutrition instant credit (without a promo)
  • Lifetime access to the IDLife modules which will help you navigate the first three months of your new health and wellness journey

 Pro-Tip: See the DNA Way Wellness Bundle for your biggest savings!

Next Steps:

Once we have your DNA results, you'll receive a personalized video explaining your results and getting started on Step 4!

Purchase Your DNA Kit

Step 4:

Choose and Purchase Your Customizable IDNutrition

Receive a customized box of vitamins, minerals and supplements right to your door!  Using your Personal Nutrition & Fitness Genetics Report from Step 3 and your Nutritional Assessment taken in this step, your customized box will fill in the nutritional gaps, taking into account the impact of current medications, diet, allergies, lifestyle, and much more.  (Based on research developed over 18 years by a group of scientists and doctors as well as recommendations from over 10K peer reviewed medical studies.)

What's included:

  • Nutritional Assessment (HIPAA compliant)
  • IDHealth Score and Comprehensive Health Report including customized nutritional recommendations based on your assessment responses including what NOT to take that may interfere with medications or diagnoses
  • Convenient AM and PM packets with your name on it and delivered right to your front door each month
  • $100 of free individually packaged nutritional supplements if you order a DNA Kit (without a promo sale)Lifetime access to the IDLife modules which will help you navigate the first three months of your new health and wellness journey

Pro-Tip: See the DNA Way Wellness Bundle for your biggest savings!

Next Steps:

From here, your Health & Wellness Coach will meet with you to assess where you are and possible next steps in your health and wellness journey.

Purchase Your Customized Nutrition

Wellness Bundle


This is the whole nit 'n' caboodle + some. The best bang for your buck!

Retail: $438.99


Become an IDLife VIP (~$20/yr) +
sign up for Subscribe & Save with your customized nutrition to get the bundle for $371.93! 

Note: Follow steps 1 - 4 below and save BIG! You'll need to add these individually to your cart:

1. Add the Detox Box to your cart.

2. Add the DNA Bundle With Personalized Vitamins to your cart.

 3. Take the Assessment for Personalized Vitamins. Choose which vitamins and supplements you would like to add or remove. Choose "Subscribe & Save" when adding to your cart.

4. Sign up as a VIP