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Restoring Survivors to Thrivers by Living Whole Soul to Sole
Donations and at least 10% of proceeds help rescue, rebuild, and restore trafficked survivors and foster/adoptive families. 


Peruse our products and services below, but if you’re still unsure, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for the NuTRISHional Nuggets: Trail Guide to see what options may be best for you based on your needs & your budget. We whole heartedly hope to support you along your hope and healing, stretching and strengthening journey.


The Best First Step to Blazing Your Own Trail to Wellness

If you're able to take one simple, but sizable, first step to begin taking control of your own wellness, this is it!

An unhealthy gut can lead to a foggy brain and chronic pains. So it makes sense to start by cleaning the slate, bring the body back into balance, and then begin filling in nutritional gaps so you CAN feel better! WHEN you feel better, you think better, you choose better, and you do better.  That's when you start implementing LIFEstyle practices based on YOUR DNA  - designed naturally awesome - WAY so you can heal better.  Are you ready to transform your mind and body ... maybe even your life?

*FREE Wild Haven Warrior Membership with first month's purchase and continually thereafter for VIP + Monthly product subscribers.

**Included in the "Grace over Grind Pathway" of our REALignment Migration Pathways option.

Click here for More Details about The Wellness Bundle’ve tried doing ALL the right things, but your health continues to decline . Listen, you are not alone, that was Trish's story, too.  It’s probably not just nutrition and exercise that’s keeping you from living a life you love with the ones you love doing what you love!

If you simply need some guidance and accountability without a specified time to meet with a coach or you have a financial burden, we've got you covered for just $4.99/month (or $49.99/year) for the first 100 who sign up!!

We want to come alongside you and support you as we introduce you to "Living Whole: Soul to Sole" as a lifestyle in alignment with your "Designed Naturally Awesome" DNA-way that won't undo your prescribed (medical/fitness) protocols ... actually, numerous scientific studies show it will likely improve them!

 We invite you to create your own brave space of grace and encourage you to move at your own sacred pace as you explore various complementary and integrative options to make the best decision for your health and healing.

Monthly Membership
Annual Membership

REALignment Migration Pathways: Survivors Becoming Thrivers by Living Whole & Healing Soul to Sole ™

$1,100 per pathway or

$5000 for 5 pathways (through 2022)

*Includes DNA Wellness Bundle and Wild Haven Warrior Membership + more bonuses!

**Discount for those who previously purchased their DNA kit.

Ok, you've tried it on your own, but you need more guidance and support. We offer 5 pathways with tips, tools, practices, training grounds, and way points as you navigate new ways and develop stronger foundations alongside fellow survivors who are on the same path you are, as well as with those who have gone before you. Our hope is to build your confidence so that you become the expert of you and feel encouraged, equipped, empowered to confidently blaze your own new trails living wholly, soul to sole - without getting lost. Becoming a Wild Haven Maven ®

*1:1 and 1:7 Person Small Groups with Virtual, Online Learning, & In-Person Coaching-Yoga Therapy options available.

** On-line Modules without personalized coaching option also available: $499/Pathway 



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NuTRISHional Nuggets: Trail Guide 

for when you're on a tight Budget OR for comfortably expanding Budget.

So your budget is tight, but you want, maybe even NEED, help desperately. Maybe you've been in the shower floor, like me, desperately pleading for a better way. Here's the pathway I'd recommend. If this still doesn't work for you reach out to me to see HOW I can help you find solutions to your needs to get WELL!

I Need an Exploration Call with a Trail Guide