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Products, Services, & Experiences that help you MOVE towards Hope and Healing!

We desire to help those suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, pain, disease and disorders take SIMPLE steps toward Hope and Healing that rebuild mental and physical resilience to live abundant, thriving lives as they work, rest, and play.


Psst ... Over 10% of proceeds from sales will go to Project Wild Haven Sanctuary to help Rescue, Restore, & Rebuild trafficked survivors, foster/adoptive families, and those who serve them as we educate, encourage, equip and empower them to Reclaim their Thriving, Abundant Life!

 Discover How You are Designed Naturally Awesome to Thrive  

 Please explore and discover products below that have a track record of success for our founder, customers, and clients that we believe will complement - maybe even optimize your WELLpowered Hope and Healing journey, too!

We're always improving so be sure to check back for updates. 


Identify health struggles, lifestyle goals, & explore personalized solutions that work for you.

Whether you desire to simply improve your nutrition, establish new rhythms for a healthier lifestyle, or enhance your mental well-being, our personalized approach provides the support and expertise you need to reach new milestones and make progress. With Wild Haven & Co., you can trust we'll support you in holistically healthy ways.

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Take the Free Assessment 

This HIPAA compliant assessment will provide your Individually Designed Health Score, a comprehensive Health Report, and provide you with nutritional recommendations customized to your needs based on your responses and vetted across over 10,000 scientific studies. Which helps us help you more effectively and efficiently to make progress that keeps you motivated and on track!

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 Wild Haven & Co's TOP 3 Products 

 Affectionately called the "Designed Naturally Awesome (DNA) WELL-Powered Bundle" by our founder, facilitator and WilderMess Trail Guide, Trish McCall, RN, BSN, R-YFYT-800 


Connect the dots of your genetic makeup with recommended nutrients, real food, and healthy lifestyle solutions based on your genes to create a truly unique-to-you nutrition and fitness program.

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A fully customized program that takes the guesswork out of deciding what supplements to take and when.

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(30 Day Supply)

This scientifically designed 3-Phase Detox program will help detoxify your body's natural filtration system, leaving you feeling restored, renewed, and reset!

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 Wild Haven & Co's TOP 3 Optimizing Products 

 If you need a little more support to get your started or to maintain your results like Trish did - and still does - you MAY find these especially helpful like she and several of her clients do, too! 


Experience Collagen+ with our exclusive "Plus Difference" - a collagen supplement utilizing patented ACTIValoe¬ģÔłŹ and Fulvic Acid for maximum absorption. Our innovative formula combines four premium collagen sources, including Types I, II, III, V, & X peptides, supporting bone, connective tissues, joint strength, and elasticity. ACTIValoe¬ģÔłŹ, the only aloe vera preserving all health benefits, aids digestion. Fulvic Acid enhances gut health and collagen absorption.

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Through a unique and proprietary blend of natural energy boosters, IDLife’s Energy is a 20 calorie nutritional supplement that provides up to six hours of sustained energy without the jitters, over-stimulation, or crashes experienced with other energy products to help you get your day started right, provide a quick pick-me-up during a slow afternoon at the office, help you get through a draining training session, or hang out with your pals without getting drowsy and crashing on the couch ...while supporting your healthy lifestyle efforts.

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Slim+ is a delicious supplement formulated to help you manage weight, control your hunger, and curb those unwanted sugar cravings ... and filter sharp tongued statements. Through #theplusdifference, Slim+ delivers mental clarity and mood enhancement producing ingredients in a single product to help you focus and reframe your negative perspectives into positive obejectives.

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 Additional Products that can enhance your healthy lifestyle journey!  

LEAN (but not mean) 30

Let's get you off the beaten down path and get you moving to blaze new trails daily! 

The Lean30 program is about sustainable changes for lasting results. Take the journey to find balance while enjoying food in moderation, and nourish your body. Transform into the confident, vibrant person you once were, or that you’ve always wanted to be and embrace a life-changing experience - better together in community!

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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by stress and struggling to maintain focus and mental clarity throughout your day? Calm is designed to revolutionize your approach to stress management and cognitive enhancement.

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Embark on a beautiful journey back to reclaiming the radiant glow you once had. It's time to say hello to everlasting radiance!

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Are you ready to conquer your day with unwavering determination? Redefine what it means to thrive!

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Book and Build Your Own Events

Taking Reservations for 2025 Now! 

Online or In-Person Options Available

Please read the descriptions and options to choose from within each offering below,

then click here to ūüĎȬ†¬†schedule an appointment¬†ūüĎą¬† to discuss and¬†reserve your own Workshop, HiKing Experience, Retreat, or Adventure with us!

Our website and 100-acre Wild Haven Sanctuary are currently under construction. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we relocate to the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC and prepare to offer new events and experiences. Book now for Spring 2025 (and beyond) to experience the vibrant colors of the season and secure your spot for retreats and adventures! No doubt, now is the time with our prices the lowest they will likely be!

*Group Discounts for groups of 8-12 available & 11% discount for Veterans, Medical Personnel/First Responders, Teachers, Foster/Adoptive Families, Human Trafficked Survivor Families/Service Providers.

Workshops & Experiences

Let's find a time in your busy life to gather awith a friend, or a few, together and do something creative and WELLpowered - healthy and healing for your WHOLE self - in a small, brave space of grace COmmUNITY!

Several different workshops and experiences to choose from... and the list keeps growing! 

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3- to 12-Hour HiKing 2 Heal Explorations

Imagine exploring and discovering the wonder of nature in the outdoors with your friends in a way that brings hope and healing like you've never experienced before. Whether it's a short distance or a longer one, let's keep moving towards hope and healing in WILD WONDER over fear in a safe, brave atmosphere!

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Build Your Own Retreat/Adventure

Book with us now for your Spring or Fall 2025 Retreat!

Whether you're a Do-It-Yourselfer, or prefer a retreat to be done FOR you ... or even something in between ... we've got a retreat or adventure to REALign and RESTORE you Soul to Sole!

Choose a pre-designed retreat or adventure or create your own a la carte!

We have 1 person up to 30 person small event venue options, too!

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All services and events hosted/facilitated by

Wild Haven & Co. are trauma sensitive

Organizers may request secular or Christ-centered practices
The facilitator remains on their mat during the entire practice.
No hands on assists - unless specifically requested by the participant.
There are no "have to's".
Adaptations are offered at every stage and for every practice.
Strong focus on mind-body (somatic) connection.

Facilitator constantly prepares participants for what's coming.

Once a session begins, no one else is allowed to enter or move around the space except to leave without returning to create a safe, brave space for all participants.

Facilitator starts by explaining exactly what to expect from the instructor, the space, the session, and points out anything that may be out of the ordinary.

Participants are repeatedly reassured to listen and honor their bodies, to give themselves grace without judgement and condemnation, and that they have the freedom to change their mind and position at any point.