Wild Haven Rescue, Recovery, & Respite Resource Guide

Wild Haven & Co.

Where those who are lost and hurt by the wildness of the world find hope, healing, and restoration in a safe haven as they are loved back to life. 

Restore Your Spirit.

Renew Your Mind. 

Rebuild Your Body.

Reclaim Your Thriving Life!!

Our Mission

Our mission is to break the debilitating chains of chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma to set survivors FREE to get healthy and increase resilience to step confidently into their transformed thriving life with greater purpose and passion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite with multidisciplinary, collaborative leaders and partners to co-create positive, sustainable ripple effects of hope and healing for trauma survivors across the globe!

Our Promise

To provide a variety of evidence-based, complementary and integrative holistic health opportunities as we educate, encourage, equip, and empower survivors and service providers to become thrivers their own "Designed Naturally Awesome" Way!


Yes! You can …

‚úď Live a thriving life moving towards hope and healing.

‚úď Create simple rhythms in harmony¬†with the season¬†you are in despite the hurt and chaos around you.

‚úď Learn how to move and nourish your body back to life the way YOU are uniquely designed.

‚ústDitch the hustle and grind that‚Äôs actually stealing your time, energy, peace, joy, and contentment ... and still make progress.

‚úď Connect¬†with a community who understands and supports you.

Get Started on Your Unique Pathway to Hope and Healing

Why Wild Haven & Co.?

Trish McCall, known as Wild Haven‚Äôs ‚ÄúWilderMess Trail Guide,‚ÄĚ took a very different¬†trail¬†than many imagined when she began her bio-med studies at UNC-CH in 1995, aspiring to be a heart or brain surgeon. Despite her roles as a nurse, athlete, and fitness coach, she faced debilitating pain, chronic distress, and¬†increasing medical diagnoses¬†leading her to seek alternative healing methods.

Her extensive research and holistic health training combined with her own personal experience with childhood complex trauma and the longterm health impacts, helps Trish guide trauma and chronic pain survivors through the proverbial wilderness to rebuild their lives with greater peace and resilience.

Now,¬†she compassionately creates¬†brave, safe spaces for healing in nature, encouraging people to move at their own sacred pace and embrace the rhythms of grace in harmony with how they are ‚Äúdesigned naturally awesome‚ÄĚ while breaking the chains of lies that bind their mind and body in pain and disease.

As a Registered Nurse of over 25 years, YogaFaith Yoga Therapist, and GraceLife International lay Spiritual Counselor specializing in trauma-sensitive health practices, Trish combines her expertise with holistic approaches learned from leaders like Dr. Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Dr. Caroline Leaf, and Michelle Thielen on how the body traps trauma in the body creating pain and disease and teaches her students and clients how to rewire and retrain their minds and bodies to heal.

Trish credits God for her transformative journey of finding hope and healing that now equips and empowers her to actively support victims in crisis, raise human trafficking awareness, and serve in rehabilitation efforts of trauma survivors to become thrivers.

Pssst… A little historical trivia fact: As an avid outdoor adventurer, Trish earned her Project Wild certification in 2018 and trained in wilderness survival! Wild Haven & Co. originally began as a family business teaching wilderness survival skills! She is currently a WildMed trained and certified CPR/First Aid Provider.

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Specializing in:

  • Creating Safe, Brave Gathering Spaces and Restorative Retreats
  • Chronic¬†stress & pain relief
  • Caregiver fatigue and burnout
  • Trauma/PTSD (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual abuse/misuse/neglect)
    • Medical
    • Relational
    • Transitions
    • Loss/Grief¬†
    • Church Hurt
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Nervous System Dysregulation
  • Balance, Flexibility, Stability, Strength, Power from the inside out
  • And the list goes on...


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