Your support is important to our work at Wild Haven & Co. There are various ways you can contribute and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our vision, mission, and purpose. Check out how your commitment to contribute gives you the opportunity to do some good to help us:

  • Raise awareness

  • Support rescue and rehabilitation missions of anti-trafficking, foster, adoption families and agencies

  • Train health professionals to identify abuse and trafficking and how to intervene safely 

  • Host learning opportunities: classes, workshops, retreats for health professionals to help rehabilitate trafficking survivors, foster, and adoptive families.

  • Create scholarships for specific populations who have experienced primary and secondary trauma due to trafficking, fostering, and adoption.

Now, if you’re wondering, ”how can I help keep the momentum going?"

Please join our “Wild Haven Wonder Warriors” in donating whatever resources below that speak to your soul! 

If not you, then who else can you refer to us?

Here is our TriPhase Wild Haven Retreat Foundations Pathway:

  1. $20K Rescue - 
    1. Train the Trainers at WH&C to stretch and strengthen foundations to support further survivor to thriver rescue, restore, rebuild efforts.
    2. Partner with front-line agencies to “Train the Trainers” to recognize abuse/trafficking, report, rescue, and teach them how to practice their own self-care to prevent burnout: online and in-person (health professionals, hospitals/corps, staff/volunteers). 
  2. $20K Restore - 
    1. Sponsored scholarships to Work directly with trauma survivors experiencing 1st and 2ndary trauma/ptsd (health professionals, abused individuals -children, parents, couples). 
    2. Partner with front line agencies rescuing survivors to support their staff/volunteers on-site and online to prevent burnout from 2ndary trauma.
  3. $500K Rebuild the Ruins - 
    1. Fall 2023 break ground to build a special abilities, accessible, retreat center 
    2. Open opportunities to families who require “special needs” certified staff by fall 2024 to host foster/adoptive/trafficked families as well as frontline anti-trafficking/foster/adoptive partners and small businesses seeking to support Wild Haven’s Rescue, Restore, Rebuild efforts. 

Want To Be Part Of Our Mission

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There is always an opportunity to further our fundraising efforts.

Contact us if you would like to plan a fundraising event or initiative for the work that we do. We would love to speak at an event you have organized or wish to organize.

Fundraising is a great way to get to know us and the work we do!

​We are always seeking the skilled, gifted, and talented people with hearts to serve to join our foundational supporters we fondly call our “Wild Haven Wonder Warriors” .

The type of professionals and skill sets we seek, but not limited to, are:

  • virtual asst/event planners/coordinators
  • copywriters
  • photographers
  • video editors
  • pastors, spiritual leaders
  • lawyers
  • doctors 
  • psychologists
  • counselors
  • social workers
  • physical/occupational therapists
  • graphic designer, variety of creative artists/teachers
  • finance managers/coaches
  • business development managers/coaches
  • program/project managers
  • builders - earthmovers - electricians - plumbers
  • designers, hardscapers, landscapers, trail makers
  • service project organizations (boyscouts, churches, etc)
  • homesteaders, sustainability educators, wilderness instructors 
  • nutritionists/registered dietitians, healthy meal chefs
  • …the list goes on


For our Founding Wild Haven Wonder Warriors: 

+Please be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming “Stretching and Strengthening Roots” Blog and future email communications for the latest updates on our Rescue, Restore, Rebuild efforts and progress. 

*Partners who choose to:

  • Sponsor a scholarship,
  • Volunteer their gifts/talents,
  • Donate supplies and resources,
  • Become our foundational root system (The Way Maker Prayer Warriors and Wise Counselors),

are invited to join our Wild Haven Wonder Warriors for the latest updates and to connect with one another more personably and will receive complimentary discounts and gifts along our growing, stretching, and strengthening journey as a token of our gratitude and appreciation for being the spirits, minds, and bodies behind this missionary movement ministering to the abused and misused or orphaned (or families of these populations).  They are the "least of these," who especially need to experience the nurturing nourishment of being loved, accepted, valued, and safe that supernaturally heals as we are the image bearers of The Healer, The Great Physician, The Protector, The Provider, our Good Good Father who calls us to bring heaven to earth as we are the heart, minds, hands, feet, and body of Christ - who saves, heals, and delivers.

Survivors to Thrivers; Living Whole- Soul to Sole 

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Partner with us

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Sponsor a Scholarship

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Volunteer for us

If you can’t volunteer

Educate others for us

If you can’t educate

Donate tools & supplies

If you can’t donate

Pray fervently and fiercely


Get In Touch:

Wild Haven & Co Founder, Facilitator, Guide: 

Trish McCall, RN, BSN, R-YFMT

Restoring Survivors to Thrivers by Living Whole: Soul to Sole



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