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Many people don't even realize the signs and symptoms of toxic overload.

Toxins create a cascade effect of inflammation, that leads to dis-ease within the body, and ultimately gets expressed through the body as diseases. 

We've grown so accustomed to feeling meh, or even poorly, without really understanding why! It can be pretty darn confusing because each person expresses inflammation in different ways due to genetics and influential gene expression factors like lifestyle choices, nutritional gaps, environmental exposures, stressors, etc! 

In most cases, the filtration systems of the body are so gunked up that the body cannot absorb nutrients efficiently nor effectively utilize them to support other health functions of the body. 

Naturally, when we rid our bodies of the things that cause toxicity, we see our energy and motivation increase, so that a healing cascade effect begins! When we feel better, we think better, we choose better, we do LIFE better! 


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