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Coming Out - Transparently: Why we do What we do.

why we do what we do wild haven as a company May 29, 2023

Coming out - Transparently

I use a lot of verbose and ethereal words, so for some, they get it, then, for others, it’s entertaining and fun, but, for others, it's confusing. I LOVE words and wordplay, so bear with me as you begin to read this blog as I PRACTICE toward progress in communicating better through written words. God Bless Your Sweet, Patient, Heart. 😉  


Here we go...

I help people suffering from the detrimental effects of trauma (who may or may not recognize it as such) such as stress and strain becoming disease and chronic pain to restore safety back into the brain and body and release dis-ease.

From my personal and professional experience, trauma effects 5 dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual. Thus, there are residual effects of traumas from sexual/physical abuse, medical procedures, surgeries, medication side effects, church hurt/spiritual abuse, sexual abuse, and unhealthy relationships with others ...just to name a few I specifically work with. These often (I won't say always) result in self sabotage of their healthy lifestyle attempts.  

These are still very real side effects of trauma: self doubt, self hate, self deprecation, and self abuse/addictions that may, or may not, be identifiable to the client. These are often not recognizable or admitted due to it seeming "normal" to them since they were a child. Like a fish that lives in a toxic environment and knows no difference ... that is, until they are in non-toxic waters and settle in to accept, trust, and begin to live WELL with the change. I experienced these myself and find that my clients often present with, but do not openly recognize them at first.

Imagine that the way your mind and body works (or doesn’t) CAN lead to dis-ease that eventually becomes diseases and disorders like: chronic pain (fibromyalgia), auto-immune diseases, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and hormone imbalances.  Again, that's my story.

I have spent years studying, practicing, experiencing, and “experimenting” with how "the body (this includes the brain) keeps the score" and how the body releases it to find hope again and heal better. (For more scientific information, read "The Body Keeps The Score" by Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk)

I am a 20+ year nurse working in hospitals and shelters with women and children, but I believe God is our Designer, Healer, and the Creator of Science. I am also a Gracelife Lay Counselor and have experience as a nurse manager/educator within faith-based medical centers. I have seen miracles when science couldn’t explain healings, and I am excited to see how science has grown to begin to embrace and better explain through quantum physics science that there is a creator and designer, whom I believe is The Way to the answers for healing a different way, a better way - Together! And this is why … Wild Haven & Co. is where spirit, mind, body and science meet. 

The most common “tools” I incorporate in my practices are:

The Bible: The Word and The Truth (in various translations) and I believe it is living and breathes Holy Spirit's LIFE into us when we are open and willing to listen and receive. I have experienced and witnessed the power of The Word to show The Way, the Truth, The Life, and shine The Light in the darkest of recesses to renew the mind, heal the body, and change the trajectory of lives and relationships.

A Prayer mat: also known to many as a Yoga Mat. 1000s of prayers have been tearfully wept on my face, joyfully stomped out through my feet, and passionately danced into my prayer mat to sometimes timidly and other times tumultiously release my trauma out of my body, so that I could make more space to receive and replace it with grace, mercy, joy, comfort, and peace beyond comprehension ...until you experience it, too.  

Trauma sensitive methods: We make EVERY effort, though we are not perfect, to provide a brave, safe space to move at your own (sacred) pace. Meaning, this is a place to be real and raw with mutual respect and honor of self and others without condemnation nor expectation. We invite our students, customers, and clients to simply show up for themselves and they "get to" choose to move, or not, without force of will.  Throughout history humans have shared or suppressed emotions through freely expressing or guarding their expressions. Guarding their expressions can lead to storing undealt with feelings and memories within our bodies that wreak havoc on our nervous systems. Smells, sensations, words become triggers and we guard ourselves even more in various ways.  

Postures of Prayer or Postures of the Heart (sometimes I call this Yoga or YogaFaith) - Yoga in another language simply means to "unite" or "yoke." I believe that God redeems and restores lost and broken people and, therefore, has the power to redeem and call good that which has been misused, misrepresented, or abused. I have been redeemed from my lost and broken past and am continually being renewed and restored. So, I consider myself an ambassador of Christ to be yoked with, or united in Spirit with Him so that through His Same Power I may discern and separate the “wheat from the chaff” and reconcile the practice of yoga (simply a tool, like musical instruments) back to Him to bring God honor and glory and leave a Kingdom Legacy - the plan He had for me to "bring hope and prosper me" before I was ever even born. (Jer. 29:11). To bring joy from sorrow and replace Ashes for Beauty (Isaiah 61:3 - my life verse and the founding of all Missions and Purposes of Wild Haven & Co.- see our About Page for more details)

DNA Report - I sincerely believe we are "D.esigned N.aturally A.wesome" to TRIVE the way we are uniquely and individually designed. Therefore, I have chosen to partner with a company (after doing 3 different DNA tests) who believes the same. This DNA kit is the only one that helped me and only tests the genes we can impact for good through lifestyle changes specifically for each individual. No 2 people the same.

Detox Box & IDNutrition: In my own health journey, and in my coaching, I ask clients to begin their journey with the Detox Box to "clean the slate" and Nutrition to "fill in the missing gaps" based on DNA/epigenetic factors that influence gene expression. Yes, go look it up, genes may not be able to be changed, but they can be "triggered" too -  switched on and switched off!

Online, Self paced, On Demand Courses and Digital Libraries: I cannot be everybodies' anytime, anywhere 1:1 health coach or yoga therapist. Therefore, I provide Wild Haven Warrior memberships for anybody, who needs anytime, anywhere coaching. I will eventually provide Wild Haven MAVEN (premiere) memberships for those who prefer small group online coaching, along with access to the online Library. These Course modules with lessons that contain videos, written word, printables, surveys, coach check ins and check ups for DIYers as well as for those who opt for more coach interventions and community building opportunities. 

Of course, for those with a slightly larger budget, I do offer 1:1 online and/or in person opportunities as well - usually for 1-3 months at a time.

Restorative and Contemplative Wilderness Retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC: This is the BEST opportunity to really disconnect from the wildness of the world and reconnect to the nature of our Loving Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a brave, safe space for any spirit, mind, body - in nature.

Anti-Trafficking & Foster/Adoptive Family Support: Our hope is to continue to expand and grow in serving within the Human anti-trafficking movement and support Foster/Adoptive Families suffering from trauma. We are already taking steps to collect donations to build a retreat center and travel globally to support the efforts to end human trafficking and restore those who are lost and hurt by it.

Various Communication Venues:
I primarily use text, zoom face to face (1:1 and group) calls, and our various private FB groups to communicate. So, be sure to stay tuned in our Wild Haven Community OR go ahead and get moving toward your own hope and healing journey with our free health assessment and an opportunity to become a Wild Haven Warrior, too!