Trauma Rescue & Recovery Guide

3- to 12-Hour HiKing to Heal


We envision helping people confidently explore the great outdoors, offering experiences that are life-giving, inspiring, rejuvenating, and transformational to their healing journey.!

Creating a "safe, brave space to move at your own sacred pace" is essential for ensuring that all hikers, whether new or experienced, feel supported and encouraged. This environment allows them to explore self-awareness, establish healthy boundaries, and navigate relationships within a growing community, fostering hope and healing.

Establishing and normalizing respect, openness, and support can help build a community where everyone feels valued and inspired to connect deeply in and with nature and each other to create a positive, sustainable ripple effect of healing.


Our registration and safety (and sanity) guidelines are fairly simple:

$75/hour for up to 8 hikers; minimum of 2 hour hikes

At least 4 people are required to hike or it will be cancelled without refunds.

$0.33/mile for facilitator's driving expenses after the first 20 miles

*At least 1 hiker must be familiar to and trusted by a Wild Haven Coach-Facilitator, Staff, or Volunteer. 

WELL TRAINED (at the discretion of the Trail Guide) emotional support dogs and service dogs are welcome if the rules of the park/preserve permit dogs on the trails/property.


Weather dependent guidelines & Refund Policy:

It must be above 40 degrees F in the shade outdoors.

There must¬†not be thundering, lightening, or hail, nor raining cows ūüźģ and pigs! ūüź∑¬†

*** Please note: You may cancel 48 hours in advance and reschedule, but there are no refunds or transfers.

We offer a variety of HiKing to Heal experiences incorporating a variety of healing modalities and various levels of intensity.

Often, however, we simply opt to go at the slowest person's pace ... which is rare to see or experience these days.



1. Please be prepared to hike out what you hike in (leave no trace) and bring the following items as there are very limited supplies available for rent or purchase:

  • a small backpack that can carry ...
  • at least 1-2 Liters of water
  • a small blanket or yoga mat
  • hiking poles if you have balance/coordination concerns
  • Flashlight or headlamps (that work well and are fully charged)

To prevent injuries from cuts, scrapes, burns (sun and plants), stinging/biting things (bees/ticks), and falls, please wear and bring appropriate:

  • hiking boots,
  • layered clothing,
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray¬†¬†

2. Choose a hiking area in the Mountains of Western or Piedmont areas of North Carolina.


3. Choose up to 2 activities listed below for your group to participate in along our hike to help your WilderMess Trail Guide plan and prepare

Our WilderMess Trail Guides are Wilderness CPR/First Aid Certified, carry bear and pepper spray, and some have conceal and carry permits. But it is your responsibility to be aware of your abilities (or lack their of) as you choose your activities, please share your concerns and limitations with the Trail Guide, and be prepared with common sense in the outdoors! 


Choose from these outdoor adventures that have been found to promote hope, healing, and a sense of wonder as we wander the mountains, valleys, forests and streams of nature.


Guided and Grounded Nature Experiences

  • Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku)
    • ¬†Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.
    • ¬†Practice mindfulness and deep breathing to connect with nature.
  • Wild & Wonderful¬†Wandering Walk n Talks
    • ¬†Explore forests, meadows, and fields to identify and learn about local, native plants, invasive species, and how you can help the environment.
    • ¬†Create a shared nature journal with drawings and notes about the¬†plants you find.



Adventure and Exploration

  • Hiking and Trekking
    • ¬†Planned short¬†or long hikes suitable for different fitness levels.
    • ¬†Includes mindfulness stops for reflection and appreciation of the surroundings.
  • Water Adventures (coming soon)
    • ¬†Kayak or¬†tube¬†on local streams or bodies of water.
    • ¬†Enjoy¬†a peaceful paddle at sunset for a serene experience.



Mindful Outdoor Practices

  • HiKing +¬†Yoga and Meditation
    • ¬†Practice yoga on a rock by a stream, in a forest clearing, or a mountain top.
    • ¬†Guided meditations focusing on the Creator, creation, and natural elements around you.
  • Nature Photography Walks
    • ¬†Capture the beauty of nature through the lens of a camera.
    • ¬†Encourage participants to focus on small details and moments of beauty.



Wildly Wonderful Hope & Healing Journeys

  • Pilgrimage Walks
    • ¬†Plan walks to local places of natural or historical significance.
    • ¬†Include reflective pauses to discuss personal growth and healing.
  • Wilderness Mini-Retreat
    • Spend a whole day¬†exploring a remote natural area.
    • Incorporate activities like bouldering, stargazing, campfire storytelling, and solo reflection time.


ReConnecting & Sustaining Creation in Community

  • Wildlife Watching
    • ¬†Wildlife¬†& River¬†-watching expeditions¬†and visits to local wildlife reserves.
    • ¬†Teaching participants how to identify different species and understand their habitats and HOW to help them thrive, too.
  • Eco-Nature Therapy Sessions
    • ¬†Engaging activities like planting trees, cleaning up trails, or restoring habitats.
    • ¬†Discussing sustainability and the therapeutic benefits of giving back to nature.


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Option for Christ Centered or Secular Workshops & Mini-Experiences Available.

We recognize the reality of spiritual abuse and church hurt, which can misuse power within religious communities, as our founder, Trish, experienced this first hand and left religion behind to find a healthy relationship with God. We are committed to sensitivity and respect for differing beliefs and ask our participants to do the same. Regardless of your religious background, we believe we will all mutually benefit from our time together!!

Christ Centered workshops, experiences, and events typically incorporate prayer, scripture readings, meditation, praise and worship through song, movement, and speaking which reflect a Biblical World View. Engaged activities aim to enable participants to nurture their spiritual growth as we honor and glorify the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) while also benefiting from the physical and mental aspects of the activities we incorporate.

Secular workshops, experiences, and events focus solely on physical activities and mindfulness practices without any religious context. References to universal truths, meaningful quotes, and sharing stories that are both reflected in Christianity and other world religions may be incorporated. Such as "whether hatred or gratitude, the wolf you feed is the one that will grow."