Trauma Rescue & Recovery Guide

Build Your Own Retreat/Adventure


Done FOR You


For those who want a stress-free retreat experience for themselves and their participants. Let us organize and manage all the logistics, provide the venue, book your lodging, prepare and facilitate your chosen activities, and make catering OR cooking arrangements. We'll take care of every detail, ensuring a seamless experience.

Done WITH You


Let's collaborate and co-create as we work closely together to reach your intended vision for a retreat. We'll provide guidance, expertise, and support, while you: contribute ideas; create outlines, itineraries, and printables; provide gift bag ideas and half the items, and facilitate half of the sessions and/or activities for your retreat. 

Done BY You (DIY)

Small Event Venue Pricing: $1000/Day + Supply Rental Fees

Prefer a self-directed approach or want more flexibility to customize your small event to your group's needs and preferences. This is your best option. We simply provide the natural mountain beauty landscape, the gathering space, rental supplies, and a few optional accommodations to run your function your way!

**Lodging is not included.

*11% Discount Special: "Compassion Fatigue Respite" for Frontline Medical Providers, First Responders, Teachers, Foster/Adoptive and/or Special Needs Families. As well as Frontline Organizations and Families impacted by primary or secondary (vicarious) trauma, human trafficking, or intimate partner violence, or domestic abuse who need restoration and refreshment. 


**Important Retreat Reservation Information Below


Themes Available

Elective or "a la carte" Options

You may choose up to 3 options to be incorporated into your 3 day retreat.

By offering a variety of a la carte options, you can tailor your retreat experience to meet you and your group's preferences and needs, creating a personalized and transformative experience!

  • Yoga and Movement Classes:¬†Trauma Sensitive Yoga sessions tailored to different¬†abilities and styles (Yin, Flow, Restorative, Chair, Somatic), as well as other movement-based practices like Qigong, or dance therapy.
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities: Organized outdoor adventures such as kayaking, biking,¬†bouldering, or hiking excursions for those seeking a more active and adventurous experience.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops:¬†Workshops on mindfulness practices, breathing and meditation techniques, stress reduction strategies to promote mental clarity and emotional well-being.
  • Stress Relief Therapeutic Workshops:¬†Focused on specific therapeutic modalities such as nutritional supplementation (chronotherapy/gut/brain health), aromatherapy, infrared sauna, light (chromo-) therapy, pelvic/psoas release, bilateral stimulation, somatic experiencing, or trauma-informed care.
  • Journaling Workshop and Reflection Sessions:¬†Guided journaling prompts and reflective exercises to encourage introspection, self-discovery, and personal growth.
  • Guided Nature Walks & Forest Bathing: Guided tours through nearby natural areas, allowing¬†you to deeply connect with the beauty of the outdoors and engage in mindful exploration to retrain the nervous system that, in turn, reduces¬†stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts mood, enhances immune function, and increases overall feelings of relaxation and well-being.
  • Massage Therapy Sessions (upon availability): Offer participants the opportunity to indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation with professional massage therapy sessions.
  • Music and Sound Healing Sessions (upon availability): Providing individual or group sessions focused on the therapeutic effects of music and sound, including drums, singing bowls, spoken meditations or song and worship.
  • Food & Herbs as Medicine Workshops (Upon Availability):¬†Educational workshops on herbal medicine, including plant identification, harvesting techniques, and remedies for holistic healing.
  • Art Therapy Workshops: Offer creative art therapy sessions where participants can express themselves through painting, drawing, sculpting, or other artistic mediums.
  • Community-Building Activities: Facilitate team-building exercises, group games, or trust-building activities to foster connections and strengthen bonds among participants.
  • Bible/Book Study Sessions: Facilitated group discussions, guided reflections, and exploration of key themes and passages to gain deeper understanding of the teachings and applicable messages found within the Bible to enrich their relationship with the Triune God.
  • Don't see something you're specifically looking for, please let us know.

Important Retreat Reservation Information


*Minimum 4 month notice and non-refundable deposit to hold the space and date for Done For You and Done With You Options.

First To Pay, First to Reserve: 

  • $200 non-refundable deposit/person for¬†groups less than 12 people,
  • $2000 non-refundable deposit for groups expected to be greater than 12 people.
  • Full payment due 90 days (3¬†months) in advance of set date.¬†

**Full refund (minus the non-refundable deposit) up to 60 days prior to scheduled retreat date.

Half refund (minus the non-refundable deposit) up to 31 days prior to scheduled retreat.

No refunds 30 days or less prior to scheduled retreat date.


Done-FOR-You Retreats OR  Adventures INCLUDES us providing:

  • Booking your lodging,
  • Catered or Cooked Meals/Snacks,
  • Gift Bags and Gifts,
  • WH&C Journal,¬†
  • Facilitated & Guided Sessions/Workshops
  • Supplies, Printables, and Handouts¬†
  • 3 workshops/sessions or adventures you choose from the "a la carte" menu.¬†

Minimum of 4 participants; Maximum of 12 participants.

OPTION to book extra time with a service provider (ie: certified massage therapist) per their set fees and availability.


Done-WITH-You Retreats OR Adventures INCLUDES us providing:

  • Your¬†group/block of lodging¬†reservations on-site or¬†in the surrounding area (your participants are responsible to book their room themselves using the contact information provided to you/them).
  • Catered or Cooked Meals/Snacks,
  • Gift Bags and Half the Gift Bag items,
  • WH&C Journal¬†¬†
  • Facilitate 1 Workshop/ Session/Activity per day

Minimum of 1 lead facilitator + 3 participants; Maximum of 12 participants total

OPTION to add an extra "a la carte" option per day for $125 + supplies/service provider (ie: certified massage therapist, etc) costs.


Option for Christ Centered or Secular Retreats Available for Done FOR You and Done WITH You Events

We recognize the reality of spiritual abuse and church hurt, which can misuse power within religious communities, as our founder, Trish, experienced this first hand and left religion behind to find a healthy relationship with God. We are committed to sensitivity and respect for differing beliefs and ask our participants to do the same. Regardless of your religious background, we believe we will all mutually benefit from our time together!!

Christ Centered retreats typically incorporate prayer, scripture readings, meditation, praise and worship through song, movement, and speaking which reflect a Biblical World View. Engaged activities aim to enable participants to nurture their spiritual growth as we honor and glorify the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) while also benefiting from the physical and mental aspects of the activities we incorporate.

Secular retreats focus solely on physical activities and mindfulness practices without any religious context. References to universal truths, meaningful quotes, and sharing stories that are both reflected in Christianity and other world religions may be incorporated. Such as "whether hatred or gratitude, the wolf you feed is the one that will grow." 


Done-BY-You (DIY) Adventures/Retreats:

Minimum 2 month notice and non-refundable deposit to hold the space and date for Done By You (DIY) Option.

Lodging is NOT included.

First To Pay, First to Reserve:

  • our nearly 100 acre Wild Haven Sanctuary: a natural mountain forest with trails to explore,
  • waterfall, springs, and streams to enjoy (Fishing, kayaking, tubing is allowed ONLY in the New River),¬†
  • a canvas glamping tent,
  • restrooms,
  • campfire/firepit amenities


1 "a la carte" workshop/session for $125/session/workshop

Rental Supplies: Picnic Amenities, Chairs, Tables, Yoga Mats, Blankets, Crockpots, Coffee Pots, etc

Minimum of 1 person; Maximum of 30 people for a small event venue

Please contact us to discuss options for group events larger than 30 people.



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