BreaTheology 5-Day Signature Series

Practice the Pause to disconnect from the chaos of the world and reconnect with yourself and The Creator of the universe, the Triune God, to regulate and refresh your spirit, mind, soul and body as you are breathed back to life with our 5 Day BreaTheology Signature Series.

What you'll get:

  • Thorough, scientifically sound somatic practices with breath that will regulate the nervous system and retrain the brain to experience greater peace, joy, and refreshment.
  • Christ-centered, sound theology that bridges with science to illustrate HOW we are designed by our Designer to thrive.
  • These thorough practice sessions are designed with how the brain and body learns through repetition within a time period that calms and rewires the nervous system.
  • With consistent practice, your time will shorten and your efforts will continue to ease within 2 weeks, while increasing your peace, joy, contentment, focus, confidence, and energy.

Any additions or improvements we make in the future will be available to you at no extra charge!

$7.00 USD

Disclaimers: I hereby consent as a participant in YogaFaith and/or Wild Haven & Co (WH&C) classes and agree to assume all of the risks involved. I release YogaFaith and WH&C from any known or unknown injury, accident, or hazard, previously, during, or after participation in a YogaFaith and/or WH&C class and/or training or related activities; and that I cannot hold YogaFaith or WH&C, affiliated YogaFaith teachers, or location host, personally responsible for any liability. I recognize that any form of physical activity has potential risk of injury. I hereby affirm that I am voluntarily participating in a YogaFaith and/or WH&C activity with the knowledge of the risk involved. I assume and accept any and all risks of injury and hazards. I hereby affirm myself to be in physical condition to practice in YogaFaith and/or WH&C activities with no medical condition or injury preventing me from participating. I declare that I have disclosed any and all medical issues to YogaFaith and/or WH&C & their affiliates relevant to participation or have been cleared by a physician to participate in class and/or training. 

I am permitting WH&C & YogaFaith teachers and trainers to use my photo and testimonials - or the likeness thereof - for marketing purposes with the understanding that WH&C & YogaFaith will use honorable and ethical discretion to respect my confidential disclosures. 

*Please contact us if you specifically wish to make an appointment to discuss these disclaimers.

ONE & ONLY, LAST CHANCE OFFER!  This will not be offered anywhere or anytime again.

ONLY $17

Pair your BreaTheology 5 Day Signature Series with this Complementary BreaTheology Journal to enhance your practice and experience. The perfect companion to this 5 Day Signature Series to discover more in depth assessments, insights, contemplations, and encouragement that will help you explore “soul wound” care a little more deeply in this series and keep you moving more effectively toward hope and healing along your self paced journey. This journal will keep you on course so that your “practice makes progress” and motivates you to “seek progress more than perfection” along the simple, but not always easy, pathways you will embark on.